JASMINE – Bath & Body Care Discovery Set


JASMINE – Bath & Body Care Discovery Set

Begin your voyage of Ayurveda discovery with this selection of indulgent pampering Ayurveda bath & body care formulae specially created for KAPHA dosha skin types. Infused with precious Ceylonese herbs, floral extracts & pure aromatic essential oils to soothe, calm & relax your body, mind & soul. Our packaging is adorned with Royal insignia inspired by the Royal Kandyan Court of Ancient Ceylon.

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Product Description

Begin your voyage of Ayurveda discovery with this selection of indulgent pampering Ayurveda body care formulae infused with precious Ceylonese herbs & pure aromatic essential oils to de-stress, calm & relax the senses,promoting total peace & tranquility.

  • Paraben free
  • Paraffin free
  • Alcohol free
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Sustainable harvesting
  • Supports community fair trade.

Ginger Spice Bath & Shower Gel – A mild cleansing formula blended with uplifting essential oils to gently purify the body & clear the mind. Organic Ceylon Cinnamon awakens skin, promoting skin health. Organic Ceylon Ginger Root invigorates mind & body. The synergistic blend helps calm & balance the senses. Organic fresh Aloe Vera cools entire body system, while Virgin Coconut, Sweet Almond & Olive gently cleanse & nourish skin, improving overall health & well being.

Jasmine Body Lotion – A light natural formula to moisturise, nourish & treat. Improves overall skin health & promotes hydration. Protects from harmful effects of sun, cold & pollution. Soothes & balances skin, relaxing & calming the senses.

Calumba Wood Body Scrub – A naturally creamy Ayurveda detox formula. Deep-acting naturally anti- bacterial Calumba Wood & powerful Turmeric help purify skin, clearing clogged pores, removing toxins & dead cells. Orange Peel promotes overall skin cell renewal & helps brighten skin tone. Virgin Coconut,Olive & Honey hydrate soften & smoothen skin, improving overall health.

Jasmine Body Oil Mist – Fast-absorbent fragrant natural formula. Nourishes, conditions & protects skin, restoring natural balance. Makes skin instantly softer, with a healthy glow.

Jasmine & Coconut Cleansing Bar – A naturally gentle fragrant cleansing formula enriched with nourishing oils, herbs & floral essence. Soothes, softens & protects from dryness.

Ginger Spice Bath & Shower Gel - Use in bath or shower. Pour into hands or on natural bath lotus. Gently massage all over wet body. Wash off. For best results also use SPA CEYLON Hand & Body Lotion & SPA CEYLON Relaxing Body Mist.

Jasmine Body Lotion - Apply all over hands & body. Massage & leave on. For better results also use Jasmine Body Oil Mist.

Calumba Wood Body Scrub - Before bath, apply lightly all over body. Leave for 5 mins. Wet skin with milk, massage in circular motions for 5 mins & wash.

Jasmine Body Oil Mist - After bath, spray on lightly, all over hands & body. Massage for 1 minute until fully absorbed. Leave on. Re-apply as required.

Jasmine & Coconut Cleansing Bar - At bath time, massage all over hands & body. Wash off.
Ginger Spice Bath & Shower Gel 60ml, Jasmine Body Lotion 60ml, Calumba Wood Body Scrub 70gr, Jasmine Body Oil Mist 10ml, Jasmine & Coconut Cleansing Bar 35gr
Ginger Spice Bath & Shower Gel - Ceylon Cinnamon, Aloe Vera, Honey, Soya Bean, Coconut, Olive, Castor, Sea Salt, Natural Vitamin E.

Jasmine Body Lotion - Virgin Coconut, Jasmine, Wheatgerm, Soya, Olive, Rice Bran, Almond, Honey, Palm Fruit.

Calumba Wood Body Scrub - Soya Bean, Walnut, Calumba Wood, Coconut, Honey, Olive, Orange, Turmeric, Natural Vitamin E.

Jasmine Body Oil Mist - Soya Bean Coconut, Sun Flower, Olive, Almond, Jasmine, Natural Vitamin E.

Jasmine & Coconut Cleansing Bar - Coconut, Soya Bean, Rice Bran, Sea Salt, Jasmine, Natural Vitamin E.
Kapha - Best for normal to oily skin


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